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Cetuem Facials

Ceteum Facials

SRC Gold Detoxifyng Facial (1hr)

Sooting, clear toxins,
heals, nourishes
£ 35.00

SRC Gold Thermo Marine Facial (1hr 15mins)

Intensive moisturising, Revitalisses, refreshes,
giving radiance to skins complexion
£ 50.00

SRC Gold Acneic(PH Balance) (1hr 15 mins)

Deep Cleansing, Eczema, Psoriasis, acneic, Sensitive 
problematic skin and helps healing
£ 50.00

SRC Gold Thermo Marine (1hr 30 mins)

Intensive moisturising,
giving smoother and brighter appearence
£ 50.00

SRC Gold Illuminate facial treatment (1hr 15mins)

Helps to eliminate
pigmentation problems and freckles
£ 45.00

SRC Gold Collagen Rejuvenescence (1hr 45 mins)

Helps diminish lines and restore
skin elasticity, for long term results a course of 5 recommended
£ 60.00

SRC Gold Bespoked (celebrity) Facial (2 hrs)

Face, neck and decollete
treatment personalised for you
£ 75.00